Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Press-Enterprise Questionnaire

The Press-Enterprise sent out a questionnaire last week (due back on Friday the 12th) requesting responses to 3 questions from each of the five TA5 candidates. Each response had to be 75 words or less (which is harder than it looks!). Here are the questions and my responses ...
1) How would you boost student achievement and the number of Moreno Valley high school graduates who go on to college or trade school?
We must do more to prepare our students to enter the workforce in the event they do not choose to immediately enter undergraduate or other studies after graduation. Integration of expanded trade and technical curriculum at the high school level coupled with a comprehensive plan of study through Regional Occupational Programs that fit students’ interests and focus on basic work skills would not only boost student achievement but would also increase the retention rate.
2) How would you bring stability to a board that has seen turnover and drama in recent years? (For example, a school board member resigned in August 2018 after being arrested)
Some previous school board members lacked focus at the expense of their elected duty to our children. My stable demeanor and the higher standards I set for myself professionally, personally, and socially are what set me apart from others. These standards have been central to my achieving positions on community and educational group commissions, committees and boards, my respect for others’ opinions, and my ability to focus on establishing and implementing goals.
3) What is the biggest issue or challenge facing Moreno Valley schools and what specifically would you do to address it?
The largest challenge facing our schools is the changing job market where our students will need soft skills that automated machines cannot do. Offering students hands-on coursework in tech-trades to develop their creativity, or in careers that develop social awareness and connectivity, will ensure they enter post-secondary education or the working world with relevant knowledge and life-skills to be successful adults. As a trustee I will help guide the district to ensure this happens.

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